Ireland grocery market returning to normality

Lucy Ingram
Retail Analyst

Date : 28 July 2020

In the 12 weeks to 12th July take-home grocery sales in Ireland grew 23.2%, according to Kantar. We look at the results in more detail, including key performance from SuperValu and Lidl.

Shoppers show some signs of normality returning

Despite market growth still being strong and shopping habits remaining disrupted, there are signs that the market is returning to normality. The pattern we are seeing in Ireland, is similar to that of the UK, with growth slowing in the previous four weeks to 17.8% as restrictions ease. Shoppers are once again eating out, although the move towards this has been tentative. 

Some habits may be here to stay, with online continuing to perform well

Grocery sales through digital platforms grew 123% year-on-year, with an additional 75,000 shoppers purchasing online in Ireland over the past 12 weeks.

At the beginning of July we saw Dunnes begin trialling an online service as a response to increased demand for delivery. This followed Aldi beginning to trial its Deliveroo service in June.

We expect to see more trials in this channel as retailers without an ecommerce service look to keep up with their main competitors Tesco and SuperValu.

SuperValu holds largest market share for fourth month in a row

SuperValu's market share was 22.4% in the period, with sales growth of 30.9%. It continued to be the only retailer not to experience reduced footfall in the past 12 weeks.

In this reporting period we saw management changes at Musgrave as Martin Kelleher, managing director of Centra and SuperValu left his position.

Lidl records highest ever market share

Lidl's market share reached 12.7% in this period. Lidl has now remained ahead of Aldi in terms of market share since it overtook it in April. Aldi's market share has continued to grow, but at a slower rate, it is now 12.3%. In January Lidl's market share was 11%. and Aldi's 11.4%, showing Lidl has been the more successful discounter during the lockdown period.

In July Ireland became the tenth country where Lidl launched its loyalty app, allowing shoppers to access weekly coupons to help them save money on their shopping. This is a good way for Lidl to engage with its shoppers and gather data on their purchasing habits.

Detailed results

Total take home grocery consumer spend 12 weeks to 14th July 2019 12 weeks to 12th July 2020 % Change in value sales
Total outlets 100% 100% 23.2%
Total multiples 89.3% 88.9% 22.7%
Dunnes 21.9% 20.3% 14.6%
Tesco 21.6% 21.1% 20.7%
SuperValu 21.1% 22.4% 30.9%
Aldi 12.6% 12.3% 20.9%
Lidl 12.2% 12.7% 28.4%
Other outlets 10.7% 11.1% 27.3%

Source: Kantar

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