Flipkart strengthens rewards programme

Date : 21 January 2021

Francis Ramos

Senior Retail Analyst

To create a larger and more inclusive rewards ecosystem, Flipkart has recently introduced SuperCoin Pay.  It allows customers to checkout in physical stores through the rewards earned from Flipkart’s online platform.   

Wider range of merchants to redeem rewards

The launch of the SuperCoin rewards programme in 2019 has been a success, with over 10bn SuperCoins earned by millions of Flipkart customers.  When shoppers purchase something from Flipkart, they will continue to be rewarded with SuperCoins.  But instead of just being able to redeem these coins with partner stores online, they can now be used at over 5,000 brick-and-mortar stores.  These retail partners come from a wide range of categories including food and grocery, fashion, travel, as well as health and wellness.  Users will be able to access their reward benefits and pay by scanning a QR code at the partner store using the Flipkart app.  In addition, shoppers can also access the entire list of stores on the app.

Rewards programme that enhances both online and offline customer experience

Traditional loyalty programs are usually difficult to sustain, as consumers are constrained to redeem their reward points in the same platform.  This initiative, on the other hand, makes Flipkart’s reward scheme fitter for customers’ own lifestyles, so that they can be more loyal.  In addition, Flipkart would have visibility on what their shoppers are buying offline, and be able to build and use this data in its ecosystem.  Flipkart’s Growth and Monetization Vice President, Prakash Sikaria, commented, “The lines between online and offline shopping are becoming increasingly blurred, and our intention is to make the consumers’ shopping experience more rewarding, no matter where they shop. Being a part of the SuperCoin programme enables our partners to reap the benefits of Flipkart’s 300 million customer base through a truly integrated rewards initiative.”