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We look at how SPAR International partners are investing in their store networks in Spain, Hungary and India. Spain: opens new stores and modernises existing stores In the last two months of Q2 2019, SPAR Spain opened three new stores in Gran Canaria, Mérida and Tossa del Mar. The stores have added 1,800 sq. m of space to the retailer’s overall store network. SPAR will continue to invest...
Estimated US$1.2bn to be used to strengthen operations in Flipkart. Intense competition from Amazon and other players Following renewed investments by Amazon into its India operations, Walmart has responded by setting aside up to US$1.2bn to fund Flipkart’s operations. In a recent regulatory filing, the retailer said it has cash equivalents of US$2.7bn as of 30 April 2019. Of this amount, U...
Ecommerce giant takes steps to bridge the online to offline gap in India. 100 kiosks to be opened across the country With only one-third of the population with access to the internet, Amazon India is taking steps to strengthen its physical presence in the country. The ecommerce giant has announced plans to open more than 100 small kiosks by the end of this year.   Needing less than 10 sq...


Ecosystem based retail has emerged as one of the new buzzwords and operating models in the sector. In this report we introduce the ecosystem model and what suppliers need to consider as a priority.
We look at Walmart's strategic priorities for the next five years, what it's going to take to lift sales to $635bn and how it’s developing an ecosystem that will become its platform for growth in future years

This in-depth guide to India includes data on demographics, economic overview political outlook, as well as the Indian retail market, top retailers, challenges and market share definitions.

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This in-depth guide to India explores the key trends in grocery retail and the growth strategies of the leading retailers in the country.

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