ASW to roll out Watsons GO payment system

Date : 17 July 2020

Charles Chan

Senior Retail Analyst

A.S. Watson is introducing Watsons GO contactless payment system in Watsons stores in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Digital initiatives accelerated by COVID-19

Watsons GO was recently launched in Hong Kong, allowing customers to scan the bar code of a product with the Watsons mobile app and pay for it directly through Alipay HK. Watsons GO payment system was originally scheduled for release at the end of the year. The demand for contactless payment methods has meant that the retailer has accelerated development of the service.

Last week, Watsons GO was made available at a Watsons store in the Olympian City shopping centre. The service will also be rolled out in Cityplaza in Taikoo and in Kowloon Tong later this month. The retailer will review feedback from customers before introducing the service to other stores in Hong Kong. Watsons GO is also expected to launch at Watsons stores in Singapore soon.

Store expansion will be slower than recent years

A.S. Watson will slow down the opening of new stores. Previously, the retailer had been opening around 1,300 stores per year. This year, it plans around 900, more than 500 of which will be Watsons stores in Asia.

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