AEON opens healthy and eco-friendly store

Date : 02 February 2021

Francis Ramos

Senior Retail Analyst

AEON Hong Kong has opened Mono Mono, its first lifestyle specialty store at Lohas Park.  Based on the concept of ‘green, happy living,’ this new store covering 12,000 sq ft sells products that satisfy shoppers’ quest to live a healthy and sustainable life.  

New concept store has a collection of its own brands

The store will meet Hong Kong residents’ desire to shop for Japanese products while borders remain closed.  It has a wide range of healthy and eco-friendly goods imported from AEON Japan, including a collection of its own brands such as:

  • TOPVALU GREENEYE food products that were created to address concerns over health and protecting the environment
  • HOME COORDY that specialises in household goods
  • LIVING PLAZA products including cooking utensils, bedding and other home furniture

Change in people’s lifestyle has triggered this idea

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lifestyle of people such as working from home, and more meals being prepared at their residence.  Mr. Isei Nakagawa, Managing Director of AEON Stores, commented, “As such, the new store focuses on presenting a wide range of green and healthy foods, nutrition and health products, comfortable bedding furniture, convenient cooking products and storage supplies, as well as an assortment of brain games suitable for home leisure to make home life more fun and exciting. Since we are engaged in retail business that is closely linked to the daily life of citizens in the community, we will continue to initiate reforms by keeping abreast of the latest trends and fulfilling our ‘Everything we do, we do for our customers’ service credo as we constantly aim to bring more enjoyable and fun surprises to our customers in the days to come.”

Opening promotions as people prepare for Chinese New Year

To further entice shoppers to visit this new store, AEON Hong Kong has launched promotions in its first two weeks.  This includes an increase in earning of membership points for its AEON STYLE Premier and AEON STYLE CARD holders, price reductions, and redemption of household items when shoppers purchase a certain amount.  The launch of this store comes at a perfect time when residents stock up for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration.