Three shopper trends to kick off 2013

Date : 07 February 2013
From requests for promotions with real depth, through to the growing demand for discounters and evolving shopping patterns, our ShopperVista service reveals three shopper trends that should be top of mind if you want to stay ahead of the competition in the coming months.

1. Real Deal

In response to the 'blizzard' of promotions, more shoppers are calling for depth over breadth of promotions in order to make the hunt for value less challenging. There is a growing number of shoppers who request that all promotions provide a significant saving (e.g. at least 25%). With shoppers now beginning to adopt a 'less is more' approach to promotions, ensure that your promotional investment is aimed at the shopper to ensure their demands are met.

2. Discounters Continued

Aldi and Lidl's growth is set to continue, with an increasing number of shoppers regularly using them and hoping for a more convenient store to open nearby. There is a growing proportion of shoppers who claim to have used a discounter in the last month - this increase in the past couple of years has been particularly marked among more affluent families (ABC1 shoppers with children). Given the impressive growth in the channel and the increasing breadth of its socio-demographic appeal, suppliers could consider the discount channel as an opportunity to put their products in front of more shoppers more often.

3. Mini-Main Missions

People continue to shop around in search of the best value, and are now increasingly spreading their main grocery shopping mission across different trips and stores. The frequency of a self-classified main shopping trip has increased from just over one per week over recent years to 1.34 per week, on average. Companies need to assess different shopping frequencies within their categories in order to best meet shopper needs in terms of product range, packaging format and pack size.

Looking for more shopper insight?

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