Rewe to launch foodservice concept

Date : 12 April 2013

Rewe plans to open a standalone restaurant in Cologne this June, according to German press reports. 

Will be called "Made by Rewe"

According to Lebensmittel Zeitung, the 200 sq m outlet will serve foods such as pasta, pizza and salads, plus wine and soft drinks, to eat in and take away. Rewe has reportedly been working with Mark Korzilius, founder of restaurant chain Vapiano, to develop this pilot concept. 

Testing new concept to enhance German business

At its recent results presentation, Rewe's CEO said the group plans to invest more than €1.5bn in 2013 to modernise the business at home and internationally. One of its priorities is to maintain a strong business in Germany, its largest market. Rewe continues to closely monitor performance, and to test new concepts and models to enhance the business. 

Similar moves in other markets

Rewe would not be the first retailer to launch a restaurant concept as it seeks to create additional revenue streams and build on its brand. Among other examples, in Switzerland Migros operates various foodservice outlets such as M-Restaurant and Migros Take-Away; Casino has Caféteria Casino in France. Most recently, in the UK, Tesco acquired the Giraffe restaurant group and a stake in the Harris + Hoole coffee shop business.   

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