Restructure at Coop Schweiz

Date : 12 April 2013

Coop Schweiz has announced a reorganisation of its sales regions and various management changes, the first of which will take effect in January 2014. 

New sales regions and management changes

As of 1 January 2014, Coop will be subdivided into the following sales regions: Suisse Romande; Bern; Nordwestschweiz/ Zentralschweiz-Zürich; and Ostschweiz-Ticino.  This will be accompanied by management changes.  Roger Vogt will take over management of the newly created Nordwestschweiz/Zentralschweiz-Zürich region. Mr Vogt currently heads Zentralschweiz-Zürich. Ivo Dietsche, who manages the Nordwestschweiz region, will move to take charge of Ostschweiz-Ticino, succeeding Livio Bontognali who is retiring. 

Head offices to move

The Nordwestschweiz and Zentralschweiz-Zürich sales regions are to transfer their head offices from Basel and Dietikon respectively, to a single site at Schafisheim, located between Basel and Zurich. This brings them closer to the future site of a new distribution centre for Coop. This transfer is planned for 2016. Dietikon will become headquarters for Coop's Trading team and the management of Coop City and Brico+Loisirs formats, also as of 2016. 

Strong growth driving organisational change

Another organisational change was approved at Coop's meeting on 11 April.  Coop is combining the management and finance of its retail, wholesale and production operations under the holding company of Coop-Gruppe Genossenschaft (Coop Group Co-operative).  At the same time, retail activities will be attached to a new company called Coop Genossenschaft.

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