Nisa launches private label fuel

Date : 18 February 2013
Nisa has announced that it will be the first UK symbol group to offer its forecourt retail members the opportunity to have a private label fuel offer; enabling forecourt sites to have consistent Nisa branding across all elements of the location, from pole sign and canopy, to the store.

Based on partnership with Greenergy

The scope to offer Nisa (or indeed Loco) branded fuel has been achieved through an agreement with leading fuel supplier Greenergy, which currently supplies more than a quarter of all road fuel sold in Britain and includes key grocery retailers among its customers.  This partnership will allow Nisa members to benefit from a transparent, competitive fuel offer, in what is a highly price conscious market.

Drives scope and consistency of Nisa brand

The ability to create consistently branded forecourt sites across both fuel and store, will allow Nisa to provide a retail brand that flows from the fuel into the grocery offer, avoiding any dilution or confusion to the shopper; providing a further platform from which to enhance consumer perceptions of the Nisa symbol offer.  With a single branding, the fuel and grocery offers can reinforce the quality and value messages of the other.

Innovation in the symbol sector ...

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