Market data shows Tesco gaining momentum

Date : 29 January 2013

The latest retailer share data from Kantar Worldpanel, for the 12 weeks to 20 January 2013, shows the market trend marginally up on the previous period, with grocery retail showing growth of 3.3%.  Meantime inflation has continued to nudge upwards; Kantar indicates this reached 4.9% in this latest period against 4.5% in the December figures.

12 weeks to 22 January 2012 (% share)12 weeks to 20 January 2013 (% share)Sales growth (Y-o-Y %)
Tesco 30.4 30.4 3.3
Asda 17.8 17.6 2.1
Sainsbury's 17.0 16.9 3.2
Morrisons 12.5 11.9 -1.7
The Co-operative 6.4 6.2 0.6
Waitrose 4.4 4.6 8.0
Aldi 2.5 3.1 28.2
Lidl 2.6 2.7 10.0
Iceland 2.1 2.2 9.6
Farm Foods 0.5 0.5 -10.3
Other multiples 1.8 1.8 3.3
Total symbols & independents 1.9 1.9 2.3

Source: Kantar Worldpanel

Tesco matches the market

For the first time since June 2011 the Kantar data shows Tesco growing as quickly as the market overall. With an uplift of 3.3% the market leader also achieved the highest rate amongst the biggest four retailers in the sector. Sainsbury's, though a fraction behind on 3.2%, also sustained a level of growth closely in line with the market, though its pace has continued to slow.

Morrisons starts 2013 on the downswing

Following a disappointing Christmas, Morrisons appears to have weakened further in the first month of 2013. Its growth has dropped again from 1.0% in the previous period to -1.7% in this, shrinking its market share to 11.9%. Meanwhile, Asda also remains behind the overall market pace, though successfully holding steady with +2.1% growth.

Discount pace slackens slightly

Both Aldi and Lidl enjoyed a bumper Christmas in 2012, and this latest data shows both still growing well ahead of their bigger competitors. However, it is notable that despite the market average holding steady in the period, discounter growth dropped back from its festive peak. Nevertheless, with Aldi still growing at +28.2%, management may not be too disappointed.

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