Lidl's new digital campaigns

Date : 06 February 2013

Lidl UK has recently launched two new digital campaigns through its Facebook page. The first is to encourage shoppers to "Like" its page to receive a £5 voucher to spend in-store and the second is an unusual Valentine's Day initiative.

Building its fan-base

As a "thank you" to its 250,000 Facebook fans, Lidl recently offered all Facebook users who "Liked" its page a voucher to print off and use in-store between 31st January and 3rd February. The £5 voucher was valid on total shops of £35 or more, to encourage shoppers to purchase more widely. The social media campaign was also supported by leaflets in-store that were situated on all tills, to drive a broader awareness among its shoppers.

Attracting new shoppers

This campaign is the latest example of Lidl using social media to appeal to new shoppers and drive footfall to its stores. Another recent example was Lidl Ireland offering to donate €1 to charity for every new Twitter follower it gained in the run up to Christmas Eve. In doing so it bolstered its followers by over 2,000, bringing the total above 7,500.

Valentine's Love Lock

Lidl's latest digital campaign is designed to support its Valentine's promotions in a new and fun way. It offers users the chance to design their own digital "Love Lock" and personalise it with names and a private message for the recipient. The "Love Lock" then appears on Lidl's "Love Map", in a location specified by the user, and an email will be sent to the recipient on the 14th of February, notifying them of their awaiting lock. Lidl is promoting the initiative through its Facebook page and also through its website, both in the UK and in the rest of Europe.


Developing brand interaction online

Twitter and Facebook are powerful tools with which Lidl can build its interactions with shoppers. In addition to engaging with its shoppers, these campaigns also encouraged people to advocate the Lidl brand. With new "Likes" immediately shared on Facebook news-streams, potentially hundreds of friends can see each new supporter of Lidl, building wider brand awareness. While recipients of "Love Locks" will be shown a new, fun side of the discounter.

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