Lidl set to enter Latvia

Date : 08 April 2013

Schwarz Group is reportedly poised to open stores in the Latvian market, nearly ten years after it first announced it was considering entry.

Opening its Lidl format

A local Latvian paper has quoted a Lidl representative as confirming that Schwarz Group is looking for real estate to build Lidl stores in the country. The Lidl spokesperson wouldn't comment on the precise time-frame of the move, or on how many stores the retailer hopes to open in the region.

International expansion is a vital growth driver

Schwarz Group has demonstrated exceptional competency in rapid international expansion, and this remains a key element of its growth strategy. Lidl currently operates in 26 markets, with Kaufland also operating in six of these. Eastern Europe remains a key area of focus for Lidl, with significant growth already coming from its Bulgarian, Romanian and Slovakian markets. 

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