Jumbo to launch new store concept

Date : 25 February 2013

Netherlands-based Jumbo has announced that it will be introducing a new store concept, which will bring in elements of foodservice, when it opens the Jumbo Food Market in Breda in March.

Jumbo aiming to offer ‘unique experience’

On announcing the new store concept, Jumbo said that it will combine elements of a supermarket and a consumer foodservice operation. At more than 6,000 sq m the store will be larger than a typical Jumbo outlet and will incorporate ‘many national and international dishes prepared on site by chefs and specialists’ that can either be taken away for eating later or eaten in store. The company also said that aisles will be wider than in one of its standard supermarkets.

Commenting on the store, Jumbo’s chief executive, Frits van Eerd, said: “With this new store, we want to enrich the lives of our customers. Fresh and healthy products are often expensive. With Jumbo Food Market we aim to offer a healthy diet for the lowest price, making such a diet accessible to everyone.

Store to offer wide range of food options

Jumbo has said that the new store will offer a wide range of products to meet all shopper tastes. Shoppers will be able to choose from handmade sushi, pizzas, Dutch dishes, Asian curries and soups, amongst other items like freshly baked bread, fresh fish and fresh fruit and vegetables. In the future, Jumbo said that it believes there is space for a number of Jumbo Food Markets in the Netherlands, although it did not say how many it was aiming to open.