Five favourite store visits in January

Date : 07 February 2013

We highlight the stores you’ve looked at the most on Retail Analysis in January

Aldi, Atherstone, UK: an increasingly potent format

Source: IGD research

With the discount channel growing rapidly, this store demonstrates many of the reasons why discounters are trading so successfully. The store has developed its product range through investing in NPD across several categories and enhancing its private label ranges, not least in premium and value ranges. The store also gives more insight into the growing presence of brands in Aldi  stores.

Carrefour Express, Milan, Italy: improving performance in the north of Italy

Source: IGD research

The in-store developments mean that these stores are good examples of the neighbourhood convenience format. In-store communication and increased services available on site, such as dry cleaning, are evidence of Carrefour’s attempts to attract and retain customer loyalty. The personalised discount voucher service is evidence of Carrefour's attempts to make strides in the convenience channel.

M&S, Paris So Ouest, France: first international outlet with counters

Source: IGD research

Many of the features in this store have been rolled out as part of the UK refurbishment programme internationally and are being trialled for the first time here, such as the counters, in-store bakery and café. One of the highlights of the store is the premium deli counter which creates a point of difference in the market and plays a vital role in M&S’ food specialist credentials.

Duane Reade, Wall Street, New York, USA: raising the bar in the drugstore sector

Source: IGD research

This flagship store sets a new standard in the channel with its integrated pharmacy and clinical services, premium health and beauty proposition and unmatched food and grocery offer. The store features a range designed to meet the full range of daily needs from the residents, tourists and city, therefore the food and grocery offer is strongly driven by convenience with an extensive food-to-go range and counters. There’s also great use of technology in-store, including a hologram virtual greeter, similar to the one in Minority Report.

Morrisons, Tunbridge Wells, UK: 'store of the future' mark 2?

Source: IGD research

This is a store that should give Morrisons more confidence to grow in smaller formats. With the extensive counter range and food-to-go offer, this store has become a busy lunch time destination where commuter traffic is high. The custom order sandwich and wrap bar takes the food-to-go offer to a new level and the emphasis that Morrisons places on fresh produce is evident throughout.