Changes to the Lidl executive team

Date : 22 February 2013

German discount chain Lidl is planning to extend its executive board with two new additions from its Central Europe teams.

New appointments from within Lidl team

Two major changes will take place with the Lidl board, subject to consent from supervisory bodies expected in April. The first will see Bojan Luncer, who joined Lidl Croatia in 2002, become responsible for multiple country operations. The second, will see David Jaschok, who joined Lidl in 2000 as head of buying for Lidl Poland, head the sourcing and marketing departments for markets outside Germany. International and domestic buying will stay within the responsibility of existing board member Robin Goudsblom.

Strategy changes ahead?

Lidl's marketing strategy has traditionally been low-key and handled internally. However Lidl UK recently appointed an external ad agency to handle its marketing, with speculation that a campaign may be created to rival Aldi's successful 'Like brands' campaign. With Jaschok taking control of international marketing departments, could more changes be ahead in other markets? Suppliers need to ensure a solid understanding of Lidl's strategy and positioning to ensure they can maximise the relationship with the discounter.

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