Boots launches new Friday initiative

Date : 22 March 2013

Speaking at IGD's Health & Beauty conference yesterday Ruth Spencer, Director of Loyalty and Multichannel for Boots, announced the launch of 'Give it a go Friday', a new in-store initiative, which breaks today.

New Spring campaign to inspire shoppers

The 'Give it a go Friday' initiative will take place in 30 of Boots' largest stores. The new in-store initiative is as a result of Boots' own research which showed that whilst customers are happy to recommend different products for their friends, they are reluctant to take the step themselves.

Ruth also announced the launch of the new Boots TV campaign, which breaks next week. The new campaign features customers either trying or being encouraged to try different products and retains the 'Let's Feel Good' slogan which first appeared last Christmas.

This is part of an integrated campaign, the theme will be repeated in the forthcoming quarterly direct mailing which will go to all Boots' 18 million Advantage Card holders.

Our view

As part of her presentation at the conference, Ruth also covered the 'behind the scenes' work which has been taking place in Boots in order to improve the capability of the platform which supports Advantage Card, and how Boots can really personalise the offer for each customer based on different customer attributes and shopping behaviours. 

She also made mention of the value suppliers can add by working closely with the Boots partnering team to tailor their offers to Boots customers. We look forward to seeing how this develops further as the strategic relationship with Walgreens begins to deliver benefits for both businesses.

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