Booths in new price matching move

Date : 11 February 2013
Booths has begun matching the prices of popular products with its main rivals through a new Price Promise mechanic.

Focus on key lines

Through Price Promise, Booths will match the most frequently occurring non-promotional prices of Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Waitrose on commonly purchased lines. The scheme will cover branded and private label lines including fruit and vegetables, meat and eggs. 350 lines are currently covered by the scheme and this is set to rise to 500 by Easter with prices checked by buyers every other week.  The new initiative should help boost value perceptions of the upmarket grocer at a time when shoppers are particularly value conscious.

On shelf signage

Price Promise lines are highlighted on shelf with yellow barkers that state"We promise to match the market price" with supporting material explaining that Price Promise covers "selected everyday basics, big brands and Booths' favourites". According to Booths buying manager John Gill "the aim is for the customer to get the best value out of Booths rather than point them to a promotion." 

True Value

Price Promise is a part of a broader campaign called True Value which helps customers save money by informing decisions on which products to buy, such as when to use a specialist ordinary olive oil and when an ordinary product will suffice.  This campaign is aligned with the emerging industry wide trend to help shoppers make money saving decisions and broaden their value credentials without relying solely on pricing and promotions.

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