Beauty vending comes to the UK

Date : 27 February 2013

Until now vending machines that dispense beauty products have mostly been found in Japan and within American malls. 

Innovative range of products

However, the trend has now reached the UK with Harvey Nichols debuting a make-up version of the classic treat dispenser in its new BeautyMart boutique cosmetics hall in London.

Previously beauty vending machines have been brand specific, for example Elizabeth Arden and Proactiv vending machines are present within American malls, and last year Chanel exhibited a machine in Covent Garden. However the debut of the BeautyMart machine is innovative in its carefully selected range of products from high-end, unique and mass brands.

The vending machine dispenses bags containing beauty treats and makeup with 32 bags to choose from and prices ranging from £3.45 to £98. The bags are themed, ranging from a ‘Clubbing Kit’ to ‘Fashion Emergency Bags’, and customers  are able to select items contained within each bag or play beauty roulette. With  the wide range of products and price options the vending machines appeal to all  customers.

Roll out

The innovative beauty shopping experience was created by the former beauty director of Vogue, Anne-Marie Solowiji, and beauty brand creator Millie Kendall. They plan to roll out the machines to train stations, art galleries and nightclubs across the UK with themed beauty bags corresponding to the location of the dispenser.

The vending machines are an ideal solution for on-the-go beauty lovers looking for a quick fix.

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