Action Czech Republic: our first look

Maxime Delacour
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 11 September 2020

We visited one of the first two Action stores in the Czech Republic that opened on 1 September. It marked the eighth market entry for the variety discounter.

Standard model and modern design

The standard model has been rolled out in the country: 6,000 products offered at low prices including 1,500 at a price point below CZK25 (€1). But Action continues to improve the overall design of its stores, especially from the outside where it looks more modern. 

Source: IGD Research


Promotional offers located at the store entrance                                        Source: IGD Research


Dedicated and permanent section for seasonal products                         Source: IGD Research


Non-grocery assortment: core of the concept

The constantly changing non-grocery assortment is at the heart of the discounter's strategy. It contributes to create a surprise factor driving shoppers more frequently to stores.

Source: Action


Source: IGD Research


Evolving and growing grocery assortment

The grocery categories used to have a small share of the assortment, but their size has been growing over the last couple of years. The COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate this transformation as it will help the stores to cater for more needs and remain relevant. There is a mix of branded and private label products.


More private label household products than branded ones                       Source: IGD Research


Source: IGD Research

Confectionary and H&B categories have the highest share of brands    Source: IGD Research


Pet food and Action private label for cat food                                             Source: IGD Research


There is a growing number of free-from and on trend products                Source: IGD Research


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