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In 2020, wholesale retailer Makro (owned by Dutch private trading group SHV Holdings), celebrated its twenty fifth year of operating in Colombia. While Makro has recently scaled back its operations in other Latin American markets, Colombia remains a market of strategic importance for the business.

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Chilean retail group Falabella aims to open 11 new supermarkets in 2021. This will consist of four Tottus stores in Chile and seven supermarkets in Peru, across its Tottus and Hiperbodega banners. The business will also invest US$243m in optimising its store network, which spans across supermarkets, shopping centres, and home improvement stores. Heavy investment in 2021 Falabella’s CEO G...
In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the food and consumer goods industry in a way that no one could have foreseen at the start of the year. Shopping habits changed at rapid pace and the retailers had to adapt to meet their changing needs. Although it is unclear exactly what the next 12 months will bring, the actions of the region’s leading retailers in 2020 help to us to understand the d...
Cencosud S.A. is a Chilean-based multi-format retailer with operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru. The business has announced plans to invest US$1.8 bn between 2021–2023. This will be mostly invested in renovating and constructing stores, as well as developing technology and launching a new proximity supermarket banner. Heavy investment in renovating and constructing new s...


A key strategy hypermarket operators are are using to win back market share is to modernise stores’ look and feel. This helps it to draw shoppers back into large format stores, especially in out-of-town locations. In this report we provide examples of where retailers have modernised their stores’ look and feel to generate excitement and boost footfall.
We look at Grupo Exito's first carbon neutral store under its innovative Carulla FreshMaket banner.
We highlight five trends set to shape the food and consumer goods retail market across Latin America in 2021.

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This in-depth guide to Colombia explores the key trends in grocery retail and the growth strategies of the leading retailers in the country.

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