City guides

IGD visits retail hot spots around the world. Use our city guides to see innovative food retail formats around the globe, and to make the most of your trips to these markets


We visited Madrid to discover latest retailer initiatives, explore new and innovative concepts. See our pick of the best stores that show how retailers in the city – from national chains to local champions – are evolving their stores to meet shoppers’ desire to buy little and often.
We see Amsterdam as a great source of inspiration, driven not least by several excellent retailers, including Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Action, Aldi, Lidl and Landmarkt, amongst others, delivering a range of inspirational formats.
Shanghai’s fast changing retail landscape means that retailers are experimenting with new ideas, innovations and concepts, check out our top 14 grocery stores to see in this dynamic city.
Manila is the epicentre of modern trade evolution in the Philippines, we highlight the best stores to see if visiting this exciting city.
Vancouver is one the world’s most diverse and dynamic global cities, with a unique and fast-evolving food retail market.
Our pick of the best stores in Singapore, showcasing the latest technologies and unique concepts that enhance the shopper experience.
Copenhagen is a hotbed of format innovation in the Nordic countries and provides inspiration across a range of store concepts. The city provides a number of best-in-class stores from the Salling Group, Coop Danmark, Aldi, Lidl and Reitangruppen, amongst others. This report covers: - Stores to visit by channel: discount, convenience, supermarkets and hypermarkets - Trends in action: efficiency, value, health, wellbeing, lifestyle and premium
We showcase some of the best food stores to see in Toronto, highlighting retailers' investments in fresh and prepared foods, food-to-go, health and wellness and meeting the needs of one of the most ethnically diverse populations globally.
Seoul is a city full of innovative and exciting retail concepts - check out our top 16 grocery stores to see in the South Korean capital.
Jakarta is the epicentre of retail innovation in Indonesia, one of Asia's most exciting retail marktes, we reveal the 10 best stores you should visit in the city in 2019…