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IGD visits retail hot spots around the world. Use our city guides to see innovative food retail formats around the globe, and to make the most of your trips to these markets


We assess how stores are demonstrating value, fresh-focus and innovation in Barcelona. Explore winning retailers, such as Carrefour and Mercadona, alongside inspirational local specialists, like Condis and Plusfresc...
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Russia’s grocery retail market has become increasingly innovative in 2016 and 2017. We bring you some of the latest modern grocery stores in Moscow, a city at the forefront of Russia's retailing modernisation.
In this report, we bring you the best stores with the latest retail technologies and unique concepts which make use of the retail space creatively.
Our pick of the best stores to visit in and around the UK's thriving fourth largest conurbation.
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As Seattle becomes a key destination for an increasing number of food and grocery suppliers, we've identified 15 great stores to visit in the city. These include innovative concepts such as Amazon Go and Starbucks Roastery, and inspirational independent operators, including PCC Community Markets and Metropolitan Market.
Our pick of the top ten grocery stores to see in Ireland’s cosmopolitan capital.