Watsons China launches online and in-store Health Care zone

Date : 05 August 2022

Sabira Habib


With the rise in consumer interest in health and wellness driven by the pandemic, Watsons in China announced the launch of a Health Care zone that offers a range of healthcare products and services online and in stores.

The Health Care zone provides a seamless O+O (Offline plus Online) shopping experience

Along with launching online, the Health Care zones will feature in over 1,200 stores across 270 cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Wuhan. The zone will showcase six categories of health and wellness products, including vitamin supplements, health foods, skincare, personal care, seasonal care and health care products.

The range currently has almost 1,500 items, with plans to grow to 1,800 items by the end of the year. Products are positioned according to different health themes in store to help shoppers easily browse and shop the range.  

Source: A.S. Watson

Customers can also shop the range on Watsons’s Cloud Store system, MyStore and use the ‘Flash’ delivery service to receive their order within 30 minutes. With Watsons upgrading its O+O shopping experience, customers can also enjoy one-to-one exclusive consulting services on its WeChat Work platform. The service instantly connects customers with a healthcare consultant that provides personalised health and wellness advice. Customers can also book in-store services, such as health and beauty classes, skin analysis and makeup services via WeChat and MyStore, encouraging a ‘healthy life from the inside out’.

Source: A.S. Watson

Health and wellness continue to be a top priority

Watsons looks to cater to the surge in demand for health and wellness products driven by the pandemic. It highlighted that according to EO Intelligence, the market for health care products in Mainland China was estimated to be worth CNY500bn (USD$77.5m) in 2021. Demand for health and wellness products was stronger among the younger generation, with 97% of the post-90s consumers reporting ‘caring deeply about wellness’.

The launch of the Health Care Zones follows Watsons new campaign, ‘The New Beautiful’, which looks to help its customers feel beautiful inside out. In a recent survey, Watsons found that inner beauty has become more important than ever for women across Asia and Europe. It also explored the definition of beauty and revealed that taking care of your health inside out came first, followed by being confident and feeling happy.

Giving more opportunities for its supplier brands to grow

Watsons has also established the OPTIMO Brand Centre, helping its supplier brands better understand and respond to customers’ needs and to grow their market share. By leveraging its O+O platform and sophisticated data analytics capability, Watsons can use the OPTIMO Brand Centre to help its supplier brands interact better with its target customers, formulate a marketing plan and drive business growth.

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