JD.com debuts its first all-in-one supermarket

Date : 27 September 2022

Louis Lau


JD.com has introduced a new format of supermarket in Beijing that provides shoppers with a one-stop shopping experience.

A combination of shopping and recreation

This new supermarket format, under the banner of "Seven Fresh", which is the third generation of its development, aims to provide shoppers with a one-stop shopping experience that combines the concept of shopping and recreation. It has a total area of 6,000 square meters and offers fresh foods, meal solutions, household products, styling services, and themed zones spotlighting specific categories.

Five reasons to love it

  1. Innovative confectionery: it stocks a wide range of cakes and desserts that uses innovative 3D production elements and trending concepts of zero calories and sugar-free, which particularly inspires shoppers
  2. Great ready-to-cook meals: it has a wide range of ready-to-cook meals that focus on local tastes, which enables shoppers to taste different domestic cuisines with a simple way of cooking
  3. Themed store-in-store: it comes with different theme of zones where shoppers can find live seafoods, flowers, wine, bakery, and household items in needs
  4. Cultural and learning zone: its bookstore not only provides adult shoppers with a leisurely place to browse and shop, but also introduces plenty of great books for children to read and learn
  5. Superior value-added services: it is built with a styling store to bring shoppers the most cutting-edge hair fashion and skin care services, and to enrich their shopping experience

Future development

Although JD.com has a trial on new format development, its focus is still on mid-scale supermarkets, between 2,000 to 3,000 square meters, which feature fresh foods and meal solutions. Currently, its key market presences are in Beijing, Shanghai, and the Big Bay Area.