CR Vanguard expands partnership with Dada Group

Jiong-Jiong Yu
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 25 September 2020

China Resource Vanguard has expanded its strategic partnership with Dada Group, China’s leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform.

Dada Group to provide an integrated fulfilment solution

The expanded partnership will focus on omnichannel fulfillment, product management, user operations and marketing.

JD Daojia will provide CR Vanguard with integrated fulfillment solutions, including full warehouse, half warehouse and store warehouse. Dada Now, Dada Group's local on-demand delivery platform, will offer omnichannel delivery services to CR Vanguard's stores.

JD Daojia's smart product assortment and inventory management system will improve the efficiency of product operations and expand the reach of CR Vanguard's platform.

Dada and CR Vanguard initially established a comprehensive partnership in 2018 and have achieved significant momentum with more than 1,600 CR Vanguard stores being integrated into JD Daojia. also announced that it will expand its partnership with Dada Group to strengthen its one-hour delivery service across China. See more details here.

It is clear that consumers’ on-demand needs continue to drive sales and value in a post-COVID world and are having an impact on how retailers operate and serve customers.