Loblaw aims to transform healthcare access with PC Health app

Date : 15 October 2020

Stewart Samuel

Program Director - Canada

Loblaw has partnered with League, Canada’s leading health operating system (health OS) technology provider, to launch the PC Health app.

National roll-out planned over the next few months

The PC Health app maintains the PC branding related to its President’s Choice private label. Through the app, Canadians will have free access to registered nurses and dietitians, who can provide advice and support, as well as receive rewards for completing customised health goals. It will initially be available in Atlantic Canada, before being expanded nationally over the next few months.

Source: IGD Research

Personalised healthcare recommendations

Users will be required to compete a health profile within the app, which will be used to generate personalised recommendations for tools and support based on their health goals and interests. Alongside access to care navigators and health programmes to help users develop healthy habits, users will also be able to earn PC Optimum rewards for reaching health milestones. Planned new features include services such as virtual physician care and digital pharmacy.

Connected healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic has validated the future focus of the business, including driving the growth of digital retail, developing new payments and rewards programmes and building a connected healthcare network. The latter is a key pillar of its strategic framework, which has been developed to prepare the business for the future of retailing, against a backdrop of shifting consumer behaviour. The launch of the PC Health app is a major step forward, bringing together its expertise in food and nutrition, drugstore retailing and loyalty.

Health-led partnerships

Earlier this summer, the retailer’s drugstore chain, Shoppers Drug Mart, launched its first primary-care medical clinic ‘the health Clinic by Shoppers’. This was the latest in a series of initiatives centred on health in 2020, including partnering with Maple to launch a virtual care service and working with SilverCloud Health to offer Canadians a free virtual stress management programme.

COVID-19 and health

Since the start of the pandemic, health and wellbeing has played more of a central role in people’s lives. Shoppers have adapted to a ‘new normal’, with different eating and exercising habits. Going forward, we expect shoppers to increasingly link their diet, mental and physical health together, with self-care becoming part of the everyday routine. This will bring all elements of health and wellness into focus for shoppers, enabling food retailers to play an important role in this area.

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