Christmas ads from around the world

Date : 07 December 2020

Sabira Habib

Retail Analyst

After highlighting Christmas ads from the UK’s grocery retailers, we have been collecting examples from the rest of the world to show how retailers globally are looking to celebrate the season after the challenges of 2020.



Aldi in Australia launched its Go Full Christmas campaign as it looked to tell shoppers they had the right to ‘go full on’ in Christmas 2020 given the year’s challenges. The launch advert was the first in a series using eight synchronised swimming Santas to highlight its low prices on quality products.

Source: YouTube, Aldi


Coles, meanwhile, has focused on showing how Australians staying at home this Christmas will be celebrating in a range of ways, while also helping those in need as well. The series of adverts also promotes the retailer’s local products, which are available at competitive prices, as part of its Value the Australian Way campaign.

Source: YouTube, Coles


With its Sharing the spirit of Christmas advert, Woolworths looks to encourage shoppers to enjoy locally produced products from around the country, support Australia’s farmers and give back to their communities.

Source: YouTube, Woolworths


Metro Canada

Echoing other global retailers, Canada’s Metro spotlights how ‘There’s no place like your place’ in its Christmas advert.

Source: YouTube, Metro



Focusing on family and the restrictions put on them by the pandemic, Ireland’s SuperValu’s Christmas advert underlines many people’s desires to be together for the holiday season this year.

Source: YouTube, Supervalu



As it looks to promote the idea that a product does not need to be more expensive to taste better, Aldi showed how shoppers will often say the most expensive one tastes better! The advert saw the retailer put the same products against three different price tags, with many believing they were different, simply because of the varying prices.

Source: YouTube, Aldi


Intermarché, meanwhile, used its Christmas advert to pay tribute to France’s health personnel. The company said the advert is ‘…about those who have sacrificed everything to take care of others’.

Source: YouTube, Intermarché


Metro AG

After a year where people have often been asked to remain at home, Metro’s advert encourages people to get out and #GiveYourKitchenABreak. The campaign ran in up to 18 countries and urges shoppers to consider the challenges faced by restaurants and other foodservice operators due to the pandemic.

Source: YouTube, Metro AG



Walmart’s 2020 campaign aims to echo what it heard from its shoppers, that they were hopeful about the future. The retailer said the campaign is ‘designed around offering customers more of what matters. More time with family. More chances to create memories together. More help pulling off a fantastic holiday, even if it looks different than it has in the past.’.

Source: YouTube, Walmart

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