Aldi makes bold renewable energy pledge

Date : 26 August 2020

Nick Miles

Head of Insight - Asia Pacific

Aldi in Australia has made a significant announcement that it plans for 100% of its operations to be powered by renewable energy by 2021.

All operations to adopt renewable energy

Aldi will use a combination of solar and wind to power its operations beyond 2021. The retailer has sign two 10 year deals with wind farms that will provide power for all of its stores in NSW and Victoria. It will also use solar panels on the rooftops of 250 stores and six distribution centres to power these facilities by the end of 2020. Aldi Australia operates 555 stores and eight distribution centres and is the 64th biggest user of electricity in Australia, according to the retailer.

Investing today, for future cost savings

One of the trends we identified at the start of 2020 for Australia was the 'rise of responsible retailing'. Aldi Australia clearly states on its website that it is 'constantly working to improve the way we operate to benefit our staff, our customers, our local communities and our planet.' This new development will not only show growing responsibility for the impact of its business operations in Australia, but it will also help the retailer drive significant cost savings in the future that it can reinvest into its business. Aldi Australia CEO, Tim Daunt, commented, "As we continue our journey in Australia, we want to reassure our shoppers that how we conduct business is equally important as the value we offer."

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