Tesco Malaysia launches online

Date : 22 March 2013

Tesco demonstrates its commitment to digital retailing through the introduction of its second online shopping platform in Asia. The launch in Malaysia comes weeks ahead of Thailand, whilst the launch in China is expected in the summer.

Expanding online grocery services in Asia

Speaking at the World Retail Conference in Singapore Tesco CEO Philip Clarke spoke about how digital is intrinsic to all retail, stating that Asia is at the epicentre of this transformation. The global retailer is expanding its digital presence in all its markets this year, with the introduction of e-commerce in Malaysia coming weeks ahead of launch in Thailand, and China to follow in the summer.

Online to fuel continued growth in Malaysia

Tesco entered the Malaysian market eleven years ago and currently operates 47 hypermarkets. Though it is Tesco's smallest Asian market, the retailer holds the leading grocery market share. Expansion into the online channel will add extra support to Tesco's performance in a context of rapidly growing popularity in e-commerce, facilitated by the wider availability of high speed internet.

At the time of launch the service is only available to customers in the selected Klang Valley areas. Customers outside these areas can pre-register in anticipation of Tesco expanding the service nationwide.

Terms of service include next day delivery with a choice of two hours time slots. Payment is taken after delivery, allowing shoppers the flexibility of amending orders until 11pm the night before, and the assurance they will only pay for the exact items they accept if substitutions are made.

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