Drone display: new marketing method in China

Date : 12 May 2021

Jiong-Jiong Yu

Senior Retail Analyst

To stand out from the highly competitive digital world, brands are now using drone displays to create memorable marketing campaigns in China.

Hyundai’s Genesis brand used 3,281 drones to create its logo

The show lit up Shanghai’s skyline on 29 March to mark the brand’s arrival in China. That number of drones sets a new Guinness World Record for “The Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously”.

Source: Genesis


Watch the video here:

Source: Genesis


The display was followed by similar aerial formations from Bvlgari 

Bvlgari lit up the skyline with images of serpents, luxury watches and the brand’s logo:



Source: Bvlgari


Bilibili uses 1,500 drones to form giant QR code in the sky for users to download Princess Connect

A similar promotion followed from Chinese video platform Bilibili, who celebrated the first anniversary of the China release of the computer game Princess Connect! Re:Dive.

At the end of the show, drones filled the sky to form a massive QR code, letting players download the computer game. 

Source: Bilibili


Source: YouTuber Kuroyukihime


Brands have to be more creative to reach consumers in China

Digital advertising revenue in China grew by almost 23% in 2020. Brands must be more innovative to draw attention in China's fiercely competitive digital world. With almost all the world’s drones are from China, drone display is a smart way to resonate with consumers and raise brand awareness by using local technologies. After all, no one will forget a spectacular display in a hurry.