We've developed a single, universal methodology for calculating food and consumer goods retail data, supported by our programme of primary and secondary research. This makes Retail Analysis the most reliable and robust source available for data of this type.

Why choose Datacentre

Retail Analysis provides unrivalled depth of insight on the 100 most important global grocery markets, and all the significant grocery retailers within those markets. Our Datacentre universe covers over 400 retail groups and almost 1,000 operations.

Datacentre puts key figures and forecasts at your fingertips to help you build the strongest business plans. We have a fully interactive tool that makes it quick and easy to create custom data reports for the retailers, markets and channels you need. And our team of global retail analysts ensure the numbers are robust and reliable, giving you the confidence to put them at the heart of your planning and assessment.

  • Our primary research methodology is what sets Retail Analysis apart. Our retailer and supplier relationships enable us to get to know markets from the ground up, and we build our insights through our global research and travel programme
  • Our field research is backed-up by a comprehensive desk-based research programme. Insights are taken from a wide range of sources, including company reports, releases and filings; analyst briefings and research notes; regulatory bodies and global news services. We do this research so you don't have to
  • To provide numeric insight that enables comparisons to be made between all retailers and across all markets, IGD has developed a single, universal methodology for calculating the data across Retail Analysis, giving you a stable and consistent source of data for comparison and measurement

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