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Innovation of the week. We take a look at Tellspec - a small and convenient device to identify the ingredients in your food.
Innovation of the week. As we get closer to the first commercial launch of Google Glass, we take a look at the potential it can bring to the industry.
Innovation of the week. We take a look at the latest in-store app currently being trialled by Tesco.

As retailers & manufacturers are using an increasing variety of digital tools to connect with shoppers, we share some highlights of 2013 and comment on what lies ahead.

Innovation of the week. An online grocery store that sources directly from local farmers based on daily orders.

Online ordering is now established in many UK wholesalers and customer take-up is growing quickly, creating new point of purchase dynamics and driving new modes of customer fulfilment.

Innovation of the week. The latest Bluetooth enabled kitchen scales provide easy-to-read nutritional analysis.
Innovation of the week. We explore some of the most creative aspects of Coca-Cola’s open happiness campaign.
Innovation of the week. We take a look at the latest payment technology allowing shoppers to pay with their face.

Our latest insight on global grocery ecommerce includes European, China and US market sizes and forecasts as well as how different online grocery models are evolving in these regions.