Woolworths expands Scan & Go

Date : 30 July 2020

Nick Miles

Head of Insight - Asia Pacific

Woolworths has rolled out its Scan&Go technology to its first store in Queensland.

Service is linked to Woolworths Rewards

The technology has been introduced to the Logan Hyperdome store, south of Brisbane and is now live in 19 Woolworths stores across Australia, 17 in NSW and ACT and one each in Victoria and Queensland. The service is available to Woolworths Reward loyalty members and allows a contactless way of picking, self scanning and paying for products via your smartphone. To make the service easy to use, the retailer is also expanding the presence of product recognition weighing scales in fresh produce.

COVID-19 is accelerating Scan and Go technology

We experienced Woolworths Scan&Go technology at two of its Metro stores that we visited at the start of 2020 in Sydney. Like many retailers globally, the retailer doesn't offer a just walk out option. With shoppers still liking some form of checkout experience, users of the app have to scan a QR code at a dedicated Scan&Go checkout and follow prompts to pay via the payment card loaded onto the app. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic retailers around the world, such as Asda in the UK, have rapidly rolled out scan and go services in order to provide a more contactless experience. With shoppers wanting fast, contactless and hygienic shopping experiences currently, testing and expanding such services now will put retailers one step ahead in the future.