Spain: latest renovations and innovations

Date : 03 December 2020

Lucy Bellotti

Retail Analyst

Eroski introduced a new range of organic fruit and vegetables, which are available online and in store. Meanwhile, Caprabo is reinforcing its support for local proximity and has updated 60% of its stores in 2020, while, finally, Spain has seen an increase in demand for food delivery services since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eroski launches new organic fresh range

Eroski has added 19 new private label organic fruit and vegetables to the 30 already available under the Eroski Bio and Eroski Eco brands. The retailer has expanded its organic range as part of its commitment to its health and sustainability pillar.

Eroski uses sustainable packaging on its organic private label range and is aiming to ensure by 2025 it will use 100% recyclable and reduce its plastic use by 20%. The retailer plans to reduce plastic by selling Natur Bio fruits and vegetables in bulk and using alternative materials.  

Alejandro Martínez Berriochoa, Eroski’s health and sustainability director stated ‘We want to facilitate a sustainable diet, reducing the environmental impact of our processes, stores and products and, therefore, we promote ecological products and those from more sustainable production processes’.

Caprabo focuses on local products …

Caprabo has launched, for another year, its Patates de Prades Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) campaign. The campaign supports its commitment to the Catalan Federation of PDO-IGP and helping local production.

Caprabo claims the sale of products from small producers and agricultural organisations in its stores increased by 15% between January and August 2020, compared to the January to August 2019 timeframe.  

… and renovates its supermarkets

Caprabo has renovated 19 supermarkets in 2020, taking the share it has updated to 60% of its network. The group invested over €6m to renovate the supermarkets. The investment saw it:

  • Expand space to optimise shoppers’ experience
  • Introduce dark furniture, providing more prominence to the product
  • Improve in store lighting to make an estimated saving of 20% per store

Jordi Lahiguera, Caprabo’s director of corporate development and marketing stated, ‘The transformation plan of our supermarket network to the new generation model is, together with the platform transformation plan and the development of sales at’.

Spain’s increasing food delivery service

Makro’s Study on Hospitality and Consumer Affairs revealed 38% of Spaniards increased the number of food delivery orders they made during 2020, as they were impacted by the restrictions in the country. The study also discovered 64% preferred to order directly from bars and restaurant, while 37% favoured ordering through apps. Throughout COVID-19 bars and restaurants have opted to add a food delivery service to enable them to continue to operate and reduce the restrictions’ impact on their sales.


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