Singapore: a refreshed Giant with lower prices

Date : 24 September 2020

Soo-Eng Tan

Senior Retail Analyst

Giant, a chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets operated by Dairy Farm, has refreshed all its 53 stores with better lighting, easier navigation and new departments to offer better value to shoppers. This follows the retailer’s commitment to keep prices low for 650 products for at least 6 months.

Better value and more stable prices

Giant hypermarket is investing SGD17m (US$12.3m) to reduce the prices of 650 essential products by 20% on average. These discounts will apply to products across Giant’s own brands as well as national brands like Dove. About 2,000 new products have also been added to Giant’s stores, with features such as $1 zones and fried chicken stalls. The price cutting exercise is funded by savings from higher productivity and supply chain efficiencies. It hopes to maintain the price reductions beyond six months, with the volume and support from supplier partners.

Private label brand Meadows gaining popularity

Dairy Farm launched Meadows brand last month, marketed as the group’s first exclusive brand. There are about 200 products branded under Meadows, spanning from fresh produce to snacks. This range is available at all Dairy Farm stores including Cold Storage, Market Place and 7-Eleven. A Dairy Farm spokesperson said the pandemic has led to a double digit increase in the sale of its grocery business and driven up demand for its Meadows range.

New look

Source: IGD Research


$1 zone (US$0.70) 

This includes a range of household products, personal care, snack and beverages

Source: IGD Research

Lower prices that last

Full catalogue is available on the retailer's website.

Source: IGD Research

Fresh zone with lower prices

Essentials like leafy vegetables, potatoes and bananas are part of the lower price initiative.

Source: IGD Research


World of snacks

Treats from different countries are sold at simpler, round prices.

Source: IGD Research


Uncle Jack

A new department with fried chicken, fries and snacks.

Source: IGD Research

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