PLUS Netherlands sales +14% in 2020

Date : 13 January 2021

Harriet Cohen

Senior Retail Analyst

PLUS Netherlands has reported 2020 results, saying total sales rose more than 14% to €3.0 bn in 2020 for the 53-week timeframe. It reported organic growth of 12%, which it said was ahead of the market, which it estimated at 9%.

COVID-19 pandemic drives growth…

Providing a safe environment and meeting shoppers’ daily grocery needs was key for all retailers in 2020 as the industry reacted to the demands put on it by the coronavirus pandemic. PLUS said its performance was supported by how it had been able to create a safe working and shopping environment for shoppers. The retailer noted how its performance was not one all industries had been able to replicate in 2020 and, therefore, its store owners had looked to support local retailers, catering establishments and producers wherever and whenever possible during the year.

…And helps drive strong online performance

PLUS said demand for grocery ecommerce solutions was very strong in the country in 2020. High demand, driven by restrictions put on shoppers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which led them to be unable or unwilling to visit stores, drove ecommerce growth. For PLUS, this growth stood at over 130% for the year. The retailer said the growth had come from both new and existing shoppers.

Strength of sales performance gives backing for existing business plan

PLUS said its performance in 2020 and the agility and flexibility of its operations and store owners gave it faith in its existing business strategy. This saw it confirm that its 2020 to 2022 business plan would continue to build on its six-pillar strategy. This framework sees it focus on: good food, My PLUS, good prices, efficiency, digitalisation and Together PLUS.