Philippine retailers spread Christmas cheer

Date : 08 January 2021

Francis Ramos

Senior Retail Analyst

COVID-19 may have dampened the mood this year, but major retailers in the Philippines launched programs to keep the joyful vibe over the Christmas season.

SM Retail launched a Christmas Flash Mob and Tiktok dance challenge

Despite longer operating hours to manage the influx of shoppers, the largest retailer SM Markets continued to provide shoppers with entertainment while implementing safe distancing procedures.  The retailer had a Christmas Flash mob where their mascots and customer service assistants led the singing and dancing throughout the store premises. 

And for those who prefer to stay at home, the retailer also  kept people entertained through the popular social media app Tiktok.  It launched a dance challenge where people can participate by dancing together with their mascot Cassie.

Puregold partnered with Nutri-Asia in their call for Christmas story submissions

In partnership with Nutri-Asia, Puregold has launched an online campaign showing how disruptions brought about by COVID-19 can still make family reunions happen, albeit virtually.  The retailer has also encouraged people to submit online their own stories on how they continue to make their Christmas celebration special despite today’s challenges.

Shoppertainment is here to stay, accelerated by social media

We’ve seen retailers across the region finding creative ways to engage shoppers, despite movement restrictions owing to the pandemic.  Although online commerce in the Philippines lags behind the region, retailers’ usage of social media is accelerating.  This can hopefully pave the way to kickstart online commerce.