Five ways Target’s making its stores safer this holiday season

Date : 23 October 2020

Stewart Samuel

Program Director - Canada

We look at the initiatives Target is putting in place to ensure the safety of its customers and associates this holiday season.

1. Enabling pre-trip shopping reservations

Shoppers can visit to see if there’s a lone outside their local store due to limitations on customer numbers. If so, they can reserve a spot, with the retailer sending a text to notify them when it is their time to enter the store. Over recent months, several retailers have launched virtual queuing apps.

2. Making checkout more convenient 

The retailer has rolled-out more than 1,00 hand-held ‘MyCheckout’ devices to its stores. This enables shoppers to checkout with an associate at any location within the store. In addition to offering shoppers more convenience, it also helps to limit any long lines in the checkout area.

3. Advancing contactless payments

Target has updated its Target Wallet mobile payment app to enable shoppers to use it at self-checkouts. Once all items have been scanned, shoppers scan their Wallet barcode in the product scanning area to complete the transaction.

Source: Target

4. Doubling the number of curbside pickup spots

Target is doubling the number of drive-up spots outside its stores, creating more than 8,000 additional drive-up spaces. During Q2, use of this service increased by more than 700%.

5. Enhancing same-day services

The retailer has made several enhancements to its same-day services. Focused on providing more convenience, customers can adjust in real time if they want to pickup their items in-store or at curbside, even after they have arrived at store. For the first holiday ever, customers can also use its same-day pickup services for fresh and grocery items, while it has made its clothing ranges available for same-day delivery via its Shipt service.

Providing confidence to shop in-store

Ensuring safe and clean stores is the main priority for retailers this holiday season. While traditionally the focus is on maximising customer numbers, this conflicts with an overriding priority to ensure social-distancing can be maintained. In the US, several states continue to see increasing number of cases. Recently, Walmart announced plans to phase its Black Friday promotions across three different periods. The measures Target is putting in place are designed to provide its shoppers with the confidence to visit its stores.

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