First look and video: Coop Sverige opens ‘Stockholm’s most innovative grocery store’

Date : 08 October 2020

Harriet Cohen

Senior Retail Analyst

Yesterday, Coop Sverige opened a new concept flagship store in Hagastaden, Stockholm. According to the retailer, 'new technology will meet local food crafts’.

Highlights: Restaurant and bistro, local, ‘Vegorum’ and technology

Following the launch, we were fortunate enough to receive photos and videos of the new concept. We bring you the highlights here.

Key features include:

  • An in-store restaurant kitchen run by celebrated chef Jonas Corbell, who most recently worked at Stockholm-based restaurants Österlånggatan 17 and Le Rouge. The restaurant kitchen will focus on seasonal ingredients, while the kitchen team are also accountable ‘that the store’s salad bar is of the highest class and that there are delicious accessories around the store that add a golden edge to everyday dishes’
  • A street-level bistro which offers pizza and other dishes. The in-store sommelier has selected accompanying drinks including natural wine and locally produced beer
  • A variety of store-prepared meal solutions that can be enjoyed on-site or taken away

Source: Coop Sverige, Lennox PR

  • The emphasis on local food continues throughout the store. As of the end of October, this will see in-store cultivation of fresh herbs in partnership with Grönska. Ultimately the store will then become entirely self-sufficient in these products
  • A series of local suppliers will be celebrated under the banner, ‘Good Neighbours’. One of the first of these is Stava Gårdsmejeri, which produces dessert cheeses

Source: Coop Sverige, Lennox PR

  • A Vegorum’ area focusing on plant-based food

Source: Coop Sverige, Lennox PR

  • Purchase via the ‘Scan & Pay’ app, which is expected to account for 90-95% of purchases. The reduction of space for checkouts has been reallocated to fresh categories, which account for around 70% of floor space

Source: Coop Sverige, Lennox PR

Store manager: ‘We want to create a store that is as innovative as it is inspiring’

Commenting on the launch, store manager, Maria Ytter said, ‘We want to create a store that is as innovative as it is inspiring. It should be as easy to manage your everyday purchases quickly as it is to buy a feast, whether you want to cook it from scratch or offer food from our restaurant kitchen’.

Coop Sverige, Lennox PR

Other concepts in Sweden: in-store restaurants, Lidl to meet 200 store milestone and unstaffed store openings continue

Sweden remains a hotbed of format innovation, with retailers experimenting with new store concepts.

Amongst other developments, ICA has introduced the ICAnders restaurant concept. Meanwhile, Lidl is on track to operates 200 stores in Sweden by the end of 2020.

Elsewhere, ICA, Coop Sverige and Reitan Convenience have trialled or are introducing unstaffed store concepts. Pure play unstaffed store chains including Lifvs and Automat also have new stores under construction. Lifvs is targeting 300 stores in the future.

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