Eroski: innovation and expansion plans

Date : 02 October 2020

Lucy Bellotti

Retail Analyst

As Eroski and its cooperative members announce developments we round up the news from the organisation.

Vegalsa-Eroski’s positive 2019 results

Vegalsa-Eroski announced an increase in sales of 3.1% in 2019, taking its sales to €1.1 bn. During the period, Vegalsa-Eroski invested €21.4m in its store network. The retailer said it ended 2019 with 266 stores, made up of:

  • Five Eroski hypermarkets
  • 94 Eroski Centre stores
  • 75 family supermarkets
  • 19 Cash Record
  • 45 Eroski City (franchised)
  • 22 Aliprox (franchised)

Vegalsa-Eroski increases focus on convenience channel

The retailer announced plans to continue its expansion in the convenience channel with the launch of its Eroski Rapid banner. The first Eroski Rapid opened at the Vilanova de Arousa gas station and has a total space of 40 sq. m.

Eroski revealed the new store incorporates several initiatives including the use of energy efficient equipment, new technological innovations, and the modification of its eco-efficient store model. The store will sell 1,000 SKUs, including food-to-go, fresh, bakery and non-food products.

Eroski reinforces its Contigo format

Eroski announced it invested €26m to upgrade 197 stores to its Contigo design in 2019. This brings the total number of stores with the design to 845. The retailer claims 80% of the group’s revenue were generated through remodelled stores in 2019.

Eroski’s remodelled stores offer more floor space, which allows an increase of 15% in its product offering. The remodelled stores allow Eroski to offer shoppers more products including fresh, gluten-free, lactose-free and those to meet shoppers’ other special dietary requirements.

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