Singapore: HAO Mart Eccellente opens in Westgate

Date : 19 October 2020

Soo-Eng Tan

Senior Retail Analyst

HAO Mart Eccellente’s latest Westgate store includes popular food and beverage outlets on its premise.

Source: HaoMart


Live seafood

The range of live seafood has increased in this store: oysters, crab, lobsters and groupers are available. The seafood and meat counters are run by Aw’s market, a meat specialist which had been partnering HAO mart across its Eccellente’s banners.

Source: HaoMart


International lanes

Its well-known international lanes continue to be strongly featured in this store with the most popular products from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Source: Haomart


Well-known food and beverage outlets within the store

Shoppers can experience famous Taiwanese bubble tea, artisanal pies, Japanese coffee and sushi, cheesecake and ice cream from stalls in the supermarket. Including these retailers will draw a higher level of footfall to the store, especially younger shoppers who may not usually visit supermarkets.

Source: Westgate