Auchan Spain: FY2018 turnover up 1.4%

Date : 12 July 2019

Auchan Spain has announced its FY2018 results, reporting a 1.4% increase in turnover to €4,597m. The growth it saw in 2018 was an improvement on 2017's performance, with the most recent year's results, 0.1% higher than the previous.

Investment of €109m

In 2018, Auchan invested €109m, of which 40% was set aside for “the opening of new centres and teaching changes”. The remainder was put towards “the renovation of stores, the implementation of sustainability measures and the continuation of the digitalisation plan”.

10 new store openings

The retailer finished the year with 366 stores, 10 more than the year before. The new openings included one hypermarket and nine supermarkets, one of which is franchised. Auchan invested €17m in opening its eight own supermarkets and a petrol station. The new supermarkets are in Madrid, Zaragoza, Navarra, La Rioja and Barcelona. They all operate under the My Alcampo banner and three are based on the '7d7' model, and so are open every day from 07:00 to 01:00.

Auchan also invested €25m into converting stores to the Alcampo brand. This included, 45 company owned stores and eight franchises, which have changed their label from Simply to Alcampo; Alcampo Supermarket for supermarkets and Alcampo for convenience stores.

Improved relationship with national suppliers…

In 2018, Auchan bought goods worth €3.24 bn from 5,640 Spanish suppliers, a 7.5% increase from 2017. The retailer now works with 9,140 national suppliers. Auchan Spain’s CEO Patrick Coignard stated, “We choose our products with precision and we work hand in hand with the producers, many of them local”.

In terms of its range, Auchan has 2,000 organic SKUs, 34 fairtrade SKUs, 315 lactose-free SKUs and 1,809 gluten-free SKUs. Auchan’s private label gluten-free range increased from 26 to 47 SKUs, during 2018.

…As it reduces its environmental impact

Auchan has allocated €1.85m to energy efficiency, which has helped reduce the consumption of energy in its hypermarkets by 19% compared to 2010. The company has also already eliminated or replaced palm oil in 69% of its private label products. The goal is to eventually reach 100%.

According to Coignard, Auchan “wants to change the lives of those around us to make each and every one of them live better in their day to day and we all live better together. We reaffirm our desire to favour a sustainable change based on facts and not words”.