Food-to-go latest research


We take a look at McDonald's, to understand its core strategic priorities, where the opportunities lie for suppliers and how it plans to grow
Food-to-go has been an integral element of the proposition in North American grocery retailing for over ten years. In this insight presentation we look at some of the recent innovations from six leaders in this space and highlight what operators in other markets can learn from the region.
Dublin in particular is a hotbed of retail and food-to-go fusion, with fantastic concepts that really stretch the boundaries of what is possible with a retail format. Her we share some of the best examples to learn from.
Sally is a salad-making robot that uses 20 different food canisters to prepare and serve more than 1,000 different types of salads.
Stay up to date with the latest economic data, shopper trends and channel forecasts, and see examples of the great initiatives in retail from across the globe.
Hello Fresh, the meal delivery company, has opened its first retail space in Old Street station during March.
We look at six retailers who are driving the agenda in food-to-go.
Read this report to understand the key opportunities to unlock growth with the UK’s biggest variety discount players.
Starbucks is taking the next step towards evolving the digital customer experience by launching voice ordering and paying through the Starbucks mobile iOS app and Amazon Alexa.
We take a closer look at how Starbucks plans to grow, and where it sees the opportunity for growth.