Food-to-go latest research


Shoppers are increasingly shopping ‘little and often’. Retailers are responding to this by having convenient solutions for their shoppers across the channels. We share the changes seen in the market, and assess the implications for suppliers.
We look at the success factors driving Whole Foods Market’s growth, and what you can learn from this innovative retailer.
Innovation of the week: In Japan Starbucks is trialling technology for customers to order and pay with a single touch of their smart phone.

The London food-to-go sector comprises a unique competitor set, showcasing a huge variety of concepts and formats and offering inspiration for anyone interested in food trends and developing consumer behaviour.

Innovation of the week: KFC Germany teamed up with Serviceplan to create a digital tray linen which can be synced to smartphones for texting.
We bring you global inspiration from the best counters we have seen in stores around the world.
We examine how challenging growth conditions in Japan are generating creative friction as retailers experiment with new store formats in order to capture a greater share of the market…
As grocery retailers are delving further into digital territory, we've tried out some of London’s latest concepts and services to evaluate how they are enriching the shopping experience, and the opportunities that could be unlocked by the grocery industry…  
As we launch our new food-to-go hub page, we explore some of the main developments and routes to growth in a channel that is attracting growing interest...
Innovation of the week: 7-Eleven Mexico introduces a new loyalty programme and “Big Coins” virtual currency to reward digital engagement…