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Co-op has announced it will revamp and relaunch ten in-store coffee shops in partnership with Churchill Catering.

& Coffee

Co-op has signed a concession deal with Churchill Catering to relaunch ten coffee shops across its convenience store estate. The coffee shops will operate under the new brand name ‘& Coffee’, and will stock locally produced products, as well as offering tailored menus for breakfast and lunch. The shops will be redesigned to act as a community hub.

The first coffee shop will be rolled out at the Ridgeway store in Plymouth, with the launch programme running to the end of October for the additional stores. In addition to the Ridgeway store, the coffee shops being revamped and refitted are located in Heathfield, Holmfirth, Hove, Inverness, Louth, Peacehaven, Ryde, Wadebridge and Wickford.

Mark Pettigrew, Director of innovation & format at Co-op, commented: “We want the coffee shops to be a place for the community to meet and enjoy a range of quality drinks and snacks, all under the new ‘& Coffee’ banner. We’re really excited to be partnering with an expert in this field and to be able to offer our customers new reasons to visit us as we deliver a great new coffee experience”.

IGD Co-op Trade Briefing 2019

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We look at recent developments from coffee specialists including Costa’s newly appointed managing director and launch of ready-to-drink (RTD) products, as well as Starbucks’ airport reusable cup trial.

Neil Lake’s promotion to managing director, Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee has promoted Neil Lake to the position of managing director of the UK and Ireland business. Lake previously joined the company in 2018 as retail and operations director, after relocating from Australia where his role was senior executive for Coles Supermarket. He will move over to the new role on 1 July.

Lake will replace Jason Cotta, who worked at Costa for more than eight year and has resigned to take up a chief executive role elsewhere that is yet to be announced.  

Dominic Paul, CEO at Costa Coffee, commented: “Following our recent sale to The Coca Cola Company, this is an incredibly exciting time for Costa Coffee, especially within the UK&I where we are focused on unlocking a new phase of growth and further enhancing our customer experience. Neil is perfectly positioned to lead the UK&I team, leveraging his depth of retail experience and passion for Costa’s customers and team members”.

Launch of Costa Coffee RTD products

Coca-Cola and Costa Coffee have launched a Costa Coffee RTD product in the UK. There are also plans to roll out the launch of this product to Poland and China. The initial launches are markets where Costa Coffee already has a strong presence. This is the first major product launch since Coca-Cola acquired Costa Coffee in the first half of 2019.

The chilled canned coffee drink comes in three variants – Classic Latte, Caramel Latte and Black Americano. The range has been created using the same coffee beans found in all Costa Coffee products, with each drink containing the equivalent caffeine of a double shot of espresso. The coffee specialist claims the products contain 30% less sugar than most other ready-to-drink coffees in the UK, with between 15-108 calories per 250ml can.

Starbucks trialling airport reusable cup

In partnership with environmental charity Hubbub, Starbucks is launching a one-month trial at Gatwick airport’s south terminal offering customers a reusable cup instead of a disposable paper cup.

Throughout the trial, customers will be able to use the reusable cup whilst they are in the airport, and return to one of five ‘Cup Check-In’ points throughout the terminal. Reusable cups are then collected by Gatwick’s waste management team to be washed and sterilized and returned to Starbucks for use again. Customers are still able to choose to use a disposable paper cup, but will incur the 5 pence paper cup charge in effect across all Starbucks UK stores.

The scheme is part of Starbucks’ ongoing commitment to reducing paper cup waste, and according to the company, will save 7,000 disposable cups throughout the length of the trial. 2,000 reusable cups will be put into circulation throughout the terminal, with the aim of drastically reducing the number of paper cups used each day.

Jaz Rabadia MBE, UK senior manager of energy and sustainability at Starbucks, commented: “The purpose of working with Hubbub and Gatwick is to help create a new culture of reuse on the go by giving customers the option of a reusable cup instead of paper for free. We are optimistic that the “Cup Check-In” points around the airport will provide enough places for customers to return their cups on the way to their gate, but also recognize this might not for everyone. Our goal is to save 7,000 disposable cups over the course of the month to find out the best ways to drive reuse where it is typically harder to do so – such as airports”.

As we up the pace of our food-to-go insights programme

H2 2019 holds lots of excitement for our wider food-to-go programme. We’ll be launching our new UK food-to-go report at the start of the half, while at the end of the half, we’ll run our Food-to-go Conference, but in a new venue and with a new dimension to it. Namely, we’ll be holding it under the wider umbrella of IGD Live, a new event that brings the best of our channel and shopper marketing events together under one roof. Click here to book your tickets for November 6. 

Major food-to-go specialist Pret A Manger has announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire rival EAT.

Expansion of Veggie Pret

Pret is set to acquire all stores in EAT’s c.90 estate, and will convert as many as possible to Veggie Pret’s. Pret said the move is in response to growing consumer demand for more vegetarian and vegan options on the high street.

The first vegetarian-only Pret launched at Broadwick Street in Soho as an experimental pop-up in September 2016, but due to its success and positive customer feedback, is now a permanent fixture. Pret has since expanded to a further three locations in London and Manchester. The thinking behind the model combines healthy eating, convenience and speed of service with an enticing store environment.

While focused in and around London, EAT has expanded to other parts of the UK such as Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Glasgow, and into travel locations in and outside the UK, including airports in Spain and Paris’ Gare du Nord.

The rise and rise of health and wellness

Many consumers’ interest in leading healthier lifestyles is rising, and eating more healthily, whether at home or on the move, is a key component of that. We have called out the rise of health and wellness as one of our five key trends to watch in 2019 for the food-to-go market.

Interest in vegetarian and vegan lifestyles is growing. Our ShopperVista research tells us that one in three GB shoppers is vegetarian or considering a vegetarian diet, while one in six GB shoppers is vegan or interested in a vegan diet. We are also seeing a growth in flexitarian lifestyles where consumers are consciously eating less meat by choosing a predominantly vegetarian diet, but without cutting meat out all together. Offering vegetarian and vegan food-to-go options therefore makes commercial sense for operators, not only because it opens them up to the growing numbers of vegetarians and vegans, but also to those who are reducing meat in their diets, and those who simply enjoy vegetarian meals from time to time.  

Want to know more?

Get up to speed on what we see as the key influences and trends to watch out for in the year ahead in our Food-to-go trends 2019 report here.

We look in detail at health & wellness trend to identify the key strategies being adopted right now in our Food to go trends in focus: health and wellness report here.

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