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Our guide to understanding the food-to-go market and where the growth opportunities lie.
Retailer Albert Heijn has launched its first food Meal Wall in the Netherlands.
We consider five themes shaping development and how the format could innovate in the future.
An update on our annual guide to UK convenience sector performance. This report covers store numbers and sales by segment, plus the sector growth forecast to 2023.
Co-op customers in Milton Keynes can now have their groceries delivered by Starship Technologies robot.
We take a look at the themes shaping convenience store development and the stores best meeting these needs
Alibaba has launched a “smart ordering” system. The new technology lets customers at cafés and restaurants place their orders through a voice recognition smart-ordering machine. Customers can make as many changes or corrections to their order as they want.
Understand the factors driving channel development to maximise your share of the £28bn expected growth of the UK grocery market. This report maps out our growth expectations for the UK market and for individual channels (hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience, discount and online) to highlight where opportunities lie. Five year price and volume forecasts are also included, as well as forecasts for non-food.
We assess how stores are demonstrating value, fresh-focus and innovation in Barcelona. Explore winning retailers, such as Carrefour and Mercadona, alongside inspirational local specialists, like Condis and Plusfresc...
Russia’s grocery retail market has become increasingly innovative in 2016 and 2017. We bring you some of the latest modern grocery stores in Moscow, a city at the forefront of Russia's retailing modernisation.