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Global Retail Trends 2020

Lead Analyst: Toby Pickard, Head of Insight – Innovation and Futures

In this webcast you will hear our experts share insights into the top global trends within retail.

  • Learn what five key trends are set to shape the global retail market in 2020 and beyond
  • Get in-depth insights and real world practical examples of these trends from IGD’s future thinkers
  • Learn about the supply chain implications of each trend and what they mean for industry

UK Channel Opportunities 2020-25

Lead Analyst: Nick Gladding, Senior Business Analyst – Retail Analysis UK

In this webcast you will hear our experts share their latest forecasts for the UK grocery market.

  • Understand the drivers behind the five year forecast
  • Learn about the opportunities available in each retail channel
  • Get the shopper perspective with insights from our new shopper confidence index

Webcast available 21 May

Opportunities with older consumers

Lead Analyst: Simon Wainwright, Director of Global Insight

In this webcast you will hear our experts share insights about older consumers

  • Who are the older shoppers of today and how will they change tomorrow?
  • Find out how to reach this evolving and important group through best in class retail execution
  • Learn about the implications for packaging, merchandising (physical and digital), communications and supply chain

Webcast available 11 June

Sustainability in the supply chain and impacts in retail

Lead Analyst: Chris Irish, Head of Insight – Supply Chain Analysis

Webcast available 14 July. More details to follow

Evolving retail models - progress and prognosis for large stores

Lead Analyst: Jon Wright, Head of Insight – Retail Analysis EMEA

Webcast available 22 September. More details to follow

Role of predictive analytics and AI in driving in store efficiencies

Lead Analyst: Stewart Samuel, Programme Director – North America

Webcast available 10 November. More details to follow


Future-focused insights on the global and regional trends we expect to affect food and consumer goods retailing in the year ahead.


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