This report showcases technologies to help with social distancing at stores since the outbreak of COVID-19

This report showcases six novel technologies to help with decontamination at stores since the outbreak of COVID-19.

This report showcases five autonomous delivery examples from around the world that are helping deliver the goods during the pandemic and where next for autonomous technology… 

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Amazon has reportedly agreed to a deal to open more than 10 of its checkout-free Go stores, and is in holding talks for 20 more stores, according to reports from The Sunday Times.

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Woolworths has rolled out its Scan&Go technology to its first store in Queensland. Service is linked to Woolworths Rewards The technology has been introduced to the Logan Hyperdome store, south of Brisbane and is now live in 19 Woolworths stores across Australia, 17 in NSW and ACT and one each in Victoria and Queensland. The service is available to Woolworths Reward loyalty members and allo...
Amazon has announced the expansion of its robot delivery trial to Atlanta, Georgia and Franklin, Tennessee. Monday through Friday, during daylight hours Amazon began testing its delivery robots, called ‘Scout’, in Snohomish County, Washington, in early 2019 before  expanding to the Irvine area in Southern California , in August of last year. The fully electric, six-wheeled delivery robot...
Woolworths in Australia is testing a new app that will allow customers to reduce the amount of time they need to queue at their supermarkets. See real time queue info and book a slot via your phone The app, known as Q Tracker, uses tech that was originally designed for smart car parks. It allows users to both see predictive information on the wait time of a queue at a store, as well as allo...

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