Singapore: new stores in the refreshed Funan Mall

Date : 05 July 2019

We went to the newly refurbished Funan Mall in Singapore to check out four stores of the leading retailers in Singapore.

Young and energetic vibe

Source: IGD Research

This used to be known as the IT mall - a place for tech geeks who want to build their own computers from component parts and check out the latest gadgets. After three years of redevelopment, the mall has opened with a swanky new look, including an indoor cycling path and a climbing facility.

Great visual merchandising at FairPrice Finest

Source: IGD Research

A new range of Guinness chocolates is displayed at the front of the store. Shoppers who are not keen on chocolates can pick up some healthy protein bars instead. Besides daily essentials and imported snacks, the store has a range of food-to-go options for the busy office workers. There are only self-checkout counters, with one staff member available to offer support when necessary.

Guardian builds on its health heritage

Source: IGD Research

Guardian’s spacious layout makes it easy to navigate to the health, skincare and beauty sections. The retailer’s expertise in healthcare comes across with an on-site pharmacist and a wide range of health supplements. This area is fitted with natural wood panels which forms the backdrop. Glossy black shelves of cosmetics and haircare line one side of the store to create a strong visual impact, while a silver tone on the other side brings out the professionalism of the derma skincare brands.

Watsons compact store includes self-checkout

Source: IGD Research

This Watsons store has the colourful design and signages that can be seen in its latest stores. Self-checkout counters are also a recent addition to stores that have been refurbished as the technology becomes more familiar to Singapore shoppers. The retailer has been driving membership through additional discounts and rebates, and we can see this coming across here.

7-Eleven’s 400th store

Source: IGD Research

While this is a small store, it has incorporated all the latest features from 7-Eleven:

  • 7Cafe: freshly brewed coffee from 100% Arabica beans prepared with WMF machines
  • 7-Premium Japanese snacks: Singapore is one of the first countries outside of Japan to sell these snacks
  • 7-Select ready-to-eat range: its popular butter chicken biryani, onigiri, kimchi fried rice and chicken bolognese are available


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