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One of the major impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the shift of economic activity from major urban, or city centres, into more suburban areas. Over the last year this has been driven by a range of factors including lockdown restrictions, company work from home policies and limited social, sporting and events opportunities.

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According to the World Health Organisation and the Italian Ministry of Health, child obesity is rising across Europe. In response, Despar Italia is working to improve the nutritional value of its private label products. Working with the University of Parma… Despar has partnered with the University of Parma to analyse 300 private labels products from nine different categories. The products w...
In 2018 we’ve seen revolution, in payments and staffless stores. And we’ve seen evolution, as retailers enhance stores to make them more relevant to the shoppers of today and tomorrow. Throughout the year we have been tracking these developments, innovations and trends. To help you, we have brought together our best-read insights to give you our view of how global grocery retailing is changi...
Our new grocery market size forecasts underline how the top 20 countries globally are set to sustain their growth to 2023. By the end of the five-year timeframe we see the 20 biggest grocery markets, growing by 28%, adding US$1.9tr in sales. Asia leading growth outlook… Asia’s growth will be broad based. The region will contain seven of the world’s largest grocery markets by 2023 and will...


To survive and indeed thrive, businesses need to know and understand these four forces and assess the potential impacts and opportunities for their business, and then apply this thinking to their future plans and strategies.
18 examples of how industry is using Augmented Reality to enhance the consumer experience. Within this report we present numerous case studies of industry using AR, from companies like Walmart, Alibaba, Carrefour, Tesco and many more retailers and brands. We also highlight the benefits and challenges of Augmented Reality and where the future of the technology could be going.
Key highlights in this new concept supermarket include fresh, meal solutions, value, ambient category execution, ecommerce fulfilment and a community focus.
In this report we review how the food and grocery industry is embracing immersive Virtual Reality (VR) to improve and enhance the industry. From conducting this research we have identified four ways that VR is being implemented. The four areas are: VR Training, VR Testing, VR used to showcase product transparency and how shoppers can buy products through Virtual Reality experiences. The report has numerous case studies of industry using VR, along with highlighting the benefits and barriers of VR and where the future of the technology could be going.
Global grocery market sizes 2018 - 2023

In this presentation we look at the regional and country forecasts for grocery retailing to 2023. With the global grocery retail landscape changing fast, providing both opportunities and challenges for your business we look at the changes to our forecasts to help you better understand how we see them growing and evolving to 2023.

Top 16 stores you must visit in 2019

We’ve selected 16 innovative store concepts to visit in 2019 which showcase several of the latest trends shaping format development globally. These include the growing role of technology, underpinning both ecommerce and customer engagement, and the creation of immersive in-store experiences.

IGD forecasts the digital future for the food and grocery industry.